Linx Order Page

Picture of the Linx box and package
  • LINX is a new word game that will entertain, amuse and infuriate you.

  • For one or more players.

  • LINX is a fun word game using only words of  four letters.

  • It’s quick to learn, easy to play and remains a challenge game after game!

  • Make a chain of words using only four letters, connecting 2 words chosen at random from the game. There are 16,000 possible combinations.

  • The winner is the one who can do it in the shortest time, or in the fewest changes of words.

  • Play it for minutes or hours.

  • Beautifully designed, LINX is compact enough to store easily, and be ready to play in an instant. (Don’t go on holiday without it!).

  • An ideal game for people who like Scrabble, crosswords or Boggle.

  • Pl

  • ay with your friends or on your own – you will be surprised at how many words of just four letters you don’t know.
  • It is advisable to have a dictionary at hand to settle arguments!

  • And last but not least, LINX makes a perfect gift.

  • Only £9.99 including p&p (UK mainland only)
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